About Us

Behind the scenes at Jinn

Who We Are?

Jinn is a French startup, founded in 2019 by people who want to contribute in making the world a fairer place. Our goal is to support everybody in finding their best career path, proposing the appropriate trainings and jobs and helping them reaching professional fulfillment.

We think that anyone is capable of something that is valuable for someone. By assisting people in choosing what is best for them based on their desires, skills and experience, we want to empower our users to become better, so they become better for everybody else. The whole community will benefit, and we will benefit as well, as value creation would be possible anywhere by anyone, making the world a little fairer.


To enable anyone to achieve the most ambitious career goals they can hope for


To share the creation of value across all communities, in order to make the world a little fairer

How did we create Jinn?

As dual citizen from France and Senegal, our founders were fortunate enough to pursue higher education, but they were not unaware of the difficulties of life in poor countries.

Because they did not want to forget where they came from, they set out to use their skills to make life easier for communities in their home countries. This way of thinking led to the creation of Jinn, a platform to help boost people’s careers, designed from the outset for poor countries.

In order to meet our specifications, we had to comply with some constraints typical of poor countries, but not only:

  • The majority of jobs are informal, which means low-skilled, poorly paid, precarious, often without a contract or certificate of any kind, and whose skills are difficult to capitalize on.
  • The majority of jobs are found in the notorious hidden job market, i.e. through networking and word of mouth, rather than through job advertisements.
  • The majority of candidates aim very broadly when looking for a job, which means that they often accept a job that is not up to their capacity, due to a lack of financial resources. A corollary of this is that they don’t really know what kind of career they are looking for, their priority being to find any job.

By proposing a social network combined with a job board, an e-learning platform and a career database fed by the users, i.e. those who know the best their job, we hope to overcome all these challenges, boost people’s career and contribute to a fairer world.



We are a business which is proud of trying to help as many individuals as possible, regardless of their age, origin, education background, professional experience or financial resources. 



We believe trust is essential from an employer perspective to be attractive on the job market. Through Jinn, we want to help people to boost their business or career development by building recognition of their skills, education and learning. 


We have the awareness of inequality or incompleteness in the employment and business market information. With Jinn, we want to provide transparency and full access to the market information. 


We believe any sector of activity participates to the whole economic development. Jinn’s purpose is to provide access to all of these activities and all people no matter their gender or coming from retreated areas in order to boost the local economic development. 


Despite being a startup, Jinn commits to conducting business while having a positive impact on its environment and stakeholders. This includes a choice of partners and suppliers in line with our approach.


We want to inspire as many careers as possible. Our career database is free and accessible to anyone, even non-members of Jinn. We also promote the best courses, so that users can learn relevant skills.


We want to operate in all countries in accordance with local laws. For countries with a high rate of informal employment, this means we encourage employers to comply with local laws, and redirect them to the appropriate organization when neccessary.


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