An affordable career advisor for everyone

Jinn is there whenever you are wondering what to do next in your career. In addition to the career encyclopedia, our career advisor suggests careers based on your academic and professional experience. And if you need more, you can even consult a real career coach!

How does Jinn Career Advisor work?


You answer a questionnaire about your education, your previous and current work experience, and your passions…


… you get suggestions of similar jobs matching your skills and knowledge, and the most accessible potential promotions based on your current abilities.

jinn career advisor


For each job suggestion, you have a list of skills you already have, and skills you do not master yet. You can get more information about all the suggestions in the career encyclopedia.


We send you your test results by email, so that you can keep track of it. This way, you can redo the test by changing certain parameters to measure the impact on the suggestions and determine your best career plan.

Need to speak with a career coach?

Jinn proposes coaching sessions and many other career-related services in the Career Marketplace.


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