Build your professional network

Between 75% and 95% of jobs are not advertised anywhere – the “hidden job market” – and are reachable mainly via networking. Which is why Jinn provides you all the tools you need to connect with people and companies who may help you.

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Connect with other users

Grow your network by connecting with other users, following users and being followed. Start building your brand by sharing posts, photos, videos and documents, either to the public or to your network.

Create and manage social groups

All members can create private, public or hidden social groups of interest, manage members, forums and activity feeds. Create as many group as you want, with the rules you want. You can share posts, documents, media, and even host Zoom meetings or webinars within your group*!


* requires a Zoom account

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Your network follows you everywhere

Download the Jinn application on your phone to stay up to date with the latest news from your community and receive notifications.


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