Exchange knowledge with your network and beyond

With Jinn, learning is as simple as teaching. Whether you want to get new skills to boost your career, or sell courses to monetize your expertise, you have all the tools at your disposal.

Learn at your own pace

The best time to learn something is when you want it. Whether you are at home or away, you can enroll in any course and download the content in your computer or mobile device, pass all the relevant assignments if applicable and get your certificate of completion that you can share with your connections or add in your resume to improve your profile.

Focus on what matters to your career

Thanks to our career encyclopedia, you know what skills you need to get or to improve in order to reach your career objectives. You can then browse the courses you need by categories and skills, and select the best ones.

Create your own courses, and earn money with your expertise.

Whatever your skills, you can become an instructor and create your own online course. You decide of the content, the assignments, the conditions of completion, and you can even design your certificate. You can then sell it to your network, or to all Jinn users, for the price you want*, to generate an income with your expertise.

*A commission is charged by Jinn for any transaction concerning an online course

Who can use the Jinn course module?

Individual members

All members can enroll in courses, learn the skills they want, and get certificates of completion.

If you have a deep knowledge of a specific topic, you can request to be verified by Jinn as an expert, in order to sell your courses at a higher price and increase your income.

Companies and organizations

Companies and organizations can train their staff members, test their future recruits before hiring with quizzes and assignments, sell your know-how to other business partners, or simply grow their network by sharing their knowledge with their followers.

Educational institutions

As an educational institution, you can put some of your content online, and interact with your audience via social groups, forums and Zoom meetings. You can thus grow your network and recruit potential students beyond your usual area.

Start learning or sharing skills that matter to you


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