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A job search service designed for everyone. Really everyone.

Everyone has a skill in a particular area. So why target certain job search sites over others based on one’s expertise? Jinn uses a career encyclopedia of nearly 3000 occupations to suggest jobs in each of them.

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Know what you are applying for beforehand

The job offers are classified according to the same categories as those in the career encyclopedia. In other words, if you are unsure about a job offer, or if you have questions about the prospects of a job, you have an additional source of information to help you choose what is best for you.

Save time in your job search

Optimize your job search with bookmarked advert and email alerts. Save your resume to apply in just one click, and track all your applications in your dashboard.

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Target your job search more effectively

You can save multiple resume in different job categories, making them easier to find for recruiters. This way, you clearly indicate your career objective, which makes your application more attractive.

Employers, post your jobs on Jinn for free

If you are an employer, you can try Jinn for free, as part of our launch offer. Post as many jobs as you want and access our resume database to get an idea of our services.


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