Jinn Marketplace, where you can buy or sell any service to enhance your career

Need a hand to recruit a very specific profile, help you prepare an annual interview, or boost your job search? Or are you a career development expert or a headhunter? In either case, you’ve come to the right place.

Ready to pay to boost your career? Then take a look at our services

For buyers

Thanks to the Jinn community, get access to premium services that you have never used before for your career:

  • one-on-one coaching session
  • consultation on specific jobs or markets
  • skills assessment
  • webinars

And many other services…

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For sellers

As an expert in a specific area, you can sell career-related services, at the price you decide. Strengthen your professional network by being recognized as an expert in your field, while benefiting other users and getting paid.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jinn Marketplace

The only thing you need is to be registered. Once it is done, you can request a vendor account, which is necessary to sell anything on Jinn.

You can sell pretty much any service designed to boost a career. Examples of such services include individual and group coaching sessions, webinars, ebooks, search for specialized candidates, online courses, or help to use Jinn.

This list is not exhaustive and other career-related services may be purchased or sold. Each product or service sold is verified by our team before being published, to ensure the compliance of the product or service.

There is an initial payment to obtain a vendor account. This upfront fee varies based on your location, please contact us for more information. Then, on each product or service sold, a commission is taken. This commission varies according to your level of expertise in the product or service sold:

  • 25% if you don’t have expertise or you cannot prove your expertise level
  • 20% if you are a specialist
  • 15% if you are an expert
  • 10% if you are a senior expert

The idea is to have mainly quality products and services on Jinn Marketplace.

When you get a vendor account, you are fully responsible for your store, and the products or services you sell, selling prices, return and refund policy, and shipping if applicable. We simply make sure that the products and services you sell comply with our terms of service.

Beyond the monetary aspect, this represents a great opportunity to help other users accomplish ambitious career goals, while consolidating your professional network by being recognized as an expert in the products you sell.

Yes, sure. Feel free to drop a message on this page.


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