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  • Rules for contributing to the Jinn career database

    Posted by The Jinn Team on October 18, 2022 at 10:43 pm

    Welcome to this page. We would like to thank you for your contribution to the Jinn career database. Before you start, please read these rules. These rules have been established to allow us to make the most of the information you share, and to make it available to as many people as possible as soon as possible.


    Jinn provides a database with a lot of information about different careers. The goal is to gather enough information on any type of job to allow anyone to effectively choose the type of career that best suits them based on their experience, education, and other criteria. This database, which we also call a “career encyclopedia,” is designed to help anyone, regardless of geographic location.

    Creating an article

    Before creating an article, please ensure that the topic has not already been covered in another article. You can use the search function on the home page of the Jinn database or the general search bar of the site.

    If no article covers your topic, you can create a new article using the “New Article” button located at the beginning of each article. Note that to create an article you need to be connected to your Jinn account. Creating a Jinn account is free.

    Editing an article

    If you want to modify an existing article, first open the page about the article you want to modify. Then click on “Edit article”. The rules below also apply.

    Writing your article

    When writing an article, keep it as factual as possible. For example, don’t express your personal opinion, don’t overuse subjective terms such as “difficult”, “long”, or “expensive”. If you must quote figures, make sure they are easily verifiable by citing the source. Do not use or post links to commercial sites: the information should be accessible without paying for it.

    Data source

    External data sources

    We do our best to provide reliable information from trusted sources. All our articles to date have been created from the ESCO database. For each article, the references used are indicated at the bottom. We ask that you do the same when creating an article, whenever possible.

    Here are some examples of sites we consider trustworthy for writing career articles:

    • Sites of international institutions: World Bank, UNESCO, ILO
    • Government data agency sites: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ESCO, National Careers Service
    • Educational institutions such as universities and similar institutions
    • Scientific publications
    • Some sites specializing in career advice: Indeed, Climb the Ladder, The Balance Careers

    If your article contains references to sites not listed above, your article may still be published. However, we reserve the right to remove certain passages if we have doubts about certain information.

    Data from your professional experience

    We are aware of the limits of an approach based on justifying every detail by a trusted source: some jobs or skills lack information on the Internet from trusted sources. That’s why we trust our users to share what they know about these topics, if they have the experience. Specifically, we ask registered Jinn users to fill in their resume. If they do that, and if we consider that their contributions are in the field of their expertise, we can accept some of them despite a lack of references.

    Filling in your resume on Jinn also increases the probability of getting an editorial role on your expertise, allowing you to publish your articles directly or to moderate the articles of other contributors.

    Images and videos

    If you insert images or videos, make sure you own the rights. If not, you can use royalty-free image banks such as Pexels, Unsplash, or Wikimedia Commons. Do not post copyrighted images or videos.

    Publishing an article

    Before submitting your article, you have the option to choose a category for your article. Choose the one you feel is closest to the topic you are writing about. If you are unsure of the category, leave the field blank. Our editorial team will determine the appropriate category during the review process.

    By default, the articles you submit are not published directly, but reviewed by our editorial staff. If your article provides enough valuable information, we will publish it. If several of your submissions are published, you can request a more prominent editorial role on a given topic, which will allow you to publish articles directly, or to review articles created or modified by other users.

    Use of the data

    The Jinn career database is the source of the Jinn career test, a test that suggests career paths to users based on their experience, education, and skills. In other words, by contributing to the Jinn career database, you help many people to better choose their best possible career.

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