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Attitudes and Values

Attitudes and Values

Individual work styles, preferences and work-related beliefs that underpin behaviour so that knowledge and skills are applied effectively.
Country statistics

Country statistics

Relevant and easy-to-understand information about each country: unemployment rate, average wages, employment rate by age… The data are all from the International Labour Organization (ILO).
Language skills and knowledge

Language skills and knowledge

Skills related to communication in any form


Catalogue of jobs and professions, sorted according to the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What we call Career Encyclopedia is an online database with information to help you in your career choices. This information may be about job descriptions, skills, knowledge, education, salaries, companies, work visa conditions, and many more.

The particularity of this encyclopedia is that it is collaborative: any Jinn user can submit an article for review, or modify an existing article to improve it. Concretely, if a field related to the careers you have expertise in has no or not enough content, you can create that content. This way, more users have access to quality content, and we can use that content to offer additional services to help users with their career management.

Jinn Career Encyclopedia is available to anyone, including non-members of Jinn. However, to benefit from the whole encyclopedia without restriction, and post content, we suggest you to subscribe to Jinn. The subscription to Jinn is free.

Our objective is to built a global database, so we welcome content from anywhere in the globe, especially content specific to some markets. We believe this will be a great way to compare the particularities of certain jobs, skills, or education requirements from one market to another.

First of all, you must be signed in to Jinn. Only members of Jinn can contribute to the Career Encyclopedia.

Then, when you are on the Jinn Career Encyclopedia main page, or on a category page, you just need to click on the control button “New Article” at the top right. This will open a new page, in which you can give your article a title, a content, add images and URLs, and select a category and tags.

To edit an article, you need to open the article you want to modify, and click on the “Edit Article” button at the top right of the article. This will open a page in which you can change the content of the article.

We want to make sure that the content we publish is as accurate as possible. Which is why our first articles are based on databases provided by world-renowned institutions, such as the European Commission, or the International Labour Organization.

As for user-generated content, we strongly encourage people to post content in areas where they have expertise through their education or professional experience. To ensure the quality of the articles, we review every article submitted before publication. If we are convinced of your expertise, especially through the approval of several submitted articles, we may give you more rights to publish directly (without going through approval), or to review content published by other users in your field of expertise.

Please feel free to create a new article, and submit it.

Upon review, we will determine whether the content is already covered or not and the relevant category (we can create a new category too)

We develop algorithms to help people choosing their best career paths, or the skills they should learn to meet their career goals. These algorithms provide personalized career advice, based on the data in the Career Encyclopedia. To find out more about this tool, click here.

Jinn Career Encyclopedia is free to use. Our objective is to put career information accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, location, professional or personal background.

Our business model is to use the information contained in the Career Encyclopedia to sell personalized career information to our users. Think of us as a large-scale career consulting provider, in order to keep our costs as affordable as possible for the majority of our users.

You have many benefits of writing career articles for us:

  • the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge with the rest of the community.
  • the certainty that this information will be put to good use by us to improve the career prospects, and therefore the lives, of other users of Jinn around the world
  • the consolidation of your reputation as an expert in your field
  • discounts on our premium services

Please leave us a message on our contact page.