Cost metrics


Know various routing protocols to calculate itineraries; compare different possible routes and determine the most efficient one. Understand topological and link-state databases.

Alternative labels

metrics of transport costs
transportation cost metrics
parameters of costs
transportation cost parameters
cost parameters
metrics of transportation costs
transport cost metrics
metrics of costs
transport cost parameters
parameters of transport costs
parameters of transportation costs

Skill type


Skill reusability level


Relationships with occupations

Essential knowledge

Cost metrics is an essential knowledge of the following occupations:

Forwarding manager: Forwarding managers plan and organise cargo shipments within national and international areas. They communicate with carriers and negotiate the best way to send the cargo to its destination which can be a single customer or a point of distribution. Forwarding managers act as experts in supply chain management. They know and apply the rules and regulations for each specific type of cargo and communicate the conditions and costs to the clients.

Optional knowledge

Cost metrics is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this knowledge may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.

Financial analyst:
Financial analysts conduct economic research and elicit valuable analyses on financial matters such as profitability, liquidity, solvency, and asset management. They provide recommendations on financial matters for decision-making processes. Financial analysts work in both the public and the private sector.




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