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Think of us as a one-stop shop service for careers. Instead of using multiple services according to your needs – e.g. a career counselor, a job board, a search engine, your network, our ambition is to collect and propose all these information in one place.

Our philosophy is to propose the best tools to boost your career at an affordable cost. Therefore, joining Jinn is free, as well as the career encyclopedia and the career advisor. That said, over time, we do not exclude reserving certain services for premium accounts, while keeping costs reasonable to benefit the greatest number of users.

Our ambition is to be useful to anyone of working age, regardless of location, academic background or work experience. This is why any Jinn user can freely contribute to our career encyclopedia. We believe that it is through collaboration that we can offer our services anywhere.
Any user of Jinn can create a course and sell it for free. However, we strongly suggest you to create a course in an area that you already master. After all, people are willing to pay only for expertise. You can also request to have you career verified by our admins, to earn an expert badge and increase your credibility. As for selling it, you decide the cost, we just take a commission on the total cost to cover our operating expenses. The amount of the commission varies according to your expertise, from 10% to 25%.
The simplest way to contribute is by sending your suggestion to this address: co*****@ji**.careers
Please visit our Help Center to see what you can do with Jinn. Alternatively, you can write us an email.


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