communication, collaboration and creativity

Child Topics

S1.0 - communication, collaboration and creativity

Description Communicating, collaborating, liaising, and negotiating with other people, developing solutions to problems, creating plans or specifications for the design of objects and systems, composing text or music, performing to entertain an audience, and imparting knowledge to others. Excludes: – Communication or interaction with animals
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S1.1 - negotiating

Exchanging ideas while analysing issues and interests at stake, enabling opposing sides to resolve disputes and reach agreement, or making decisions to resolve disputes or impose justice.
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S1.11 - designing systems and products

Description Creating a plan or specification for the construction of an object, system or structure based on aesthetic and/or functional design concepts. Excludes: – Styling hair – Creating artistic, visual or instructive materials
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S1.13 - writing and composing

Description Writing text or composing music, creating original work with regard to format, style and content. Excludes: – General writing abilities/literacy – Writing computer programmes/coding
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S1.15 - using more than one language

Description Using more than one language or dialect to communicate verbally or in written form, or to translate from one language to another. Excludes: – Skills and knowledge related to a specific language or dialect.
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S1.3 - teaching and training

Facilitating the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Leading and guiding individuals and groups through a process in which they are taught the necessary skills and knowledge for life, future learning or for a particular job or set of jobs. Excludes: – Training animals
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S1.6 - promoting, selling and purchasing

Description Using communication strategies or techniques to encourage acceptance of goods, services, or ideas, and to sell or buy and goods or services. Excludes: – Trading and other skills involving buying and selling
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S1.8 - working with others

Description Working with other people, understanding and respecting the roles and competencies of others. Excludes: – Management, supervision and coordination of teams
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S1.9 - solving problems

Developing and implementing solutions to practical, operational or conceptual problems which arise in the execution of work in a wide range of contexts. Excludes: – Repairing and resolving technical problems with machinery and equipment – Using ICT tools for problem solving
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