Child Topics

assisting and caring

Description Providing assistance, nurturing, care, service and support to people, and ensuring compliance to rules, standards, guidelines or laws.
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communication, collaboration and creativity

Description Communicating, collaborating, liaising, and negotiating with other people, developing solutions to problems, creating plans or specifications for the design of objects and systems, composing text or music, performing to entertain an audience, and imparting knowledge to others. Excludes: – Communication or interaction with animals
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handling and moving

Description Sorting, arranging, moving, transforming, fabricating and cleaning goods and materials by hand or using handheld tools and equipment. Tending plants, crops and animals. Excludes: – Specific skills involving interaction with people
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information skills

Description Collecting, storing, monitoring, and using information; Conducting studies, investigations and tests; maintaining records; managing, evaluating, processing, analysing and monitoring information and projecting outcomes.
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management skills

Description Managing people, activities, resources, and organisation; developing objectives and strategies, organising work activities, allocating and controlling resources and leading, motivating, recruiting and supervising people and teams.
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working with machinery and specialised equipment

Description Controlling, operating and monitoring vehicles, stationary and mobile machinery and precision instrumentation and equipment. Excludes: – Interacting with computers
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