management skills

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S4.0 - management skills

Managing people, activities, resources, and organisation; developing objectives and strategies, organising work activities, allocating and controlling resources and leading, motivating, recruiting and supervising people and teams.
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S4.2 - organising, planning and scheduling work and activities

Directing activities and tasks, establishing schedules and co-ordinating the activities of groups and individuals to complete objectives on time and within budget.
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S4.3 - allocating and controlling resources

Description Determining the distribution and availability of people, assets, materials or capital to accomplish organizational goals and putting in place financial and administrative controls. Excludes: – Delegate activities
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S4.4 - performing administrative activities

Performing administrative tasks such as typing up reports, ordering supplies, maintaining mail correspondence, and ensuring administrative systems, processes and databases are efficient. Excludes: – Record and process information
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S4.5 - leading and motivating

Description Reinforcing an organization’s vision, inspiring and enthusing others to achieve positive outcomes. The focus of this group is on skills in motivating and inspiring others, rather than on managing and supervising a team. Excludes: – Managing, leading or supervising a team or its members. Examples: – Motivate employees – Provide leadership – Lead board meetings
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S4.6 - building and developing teams

Encouraging team members and building a relationship of mutual trust, respect and cooperation. Stimulating teambuilding activities. Excludes: – Training – Recruiting and hiring Examples: – Facilitate teamwork between students – Encourage teambuilding
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S4.7 - recruiting and hiring

Description Acquiring the right talent to achieve the organization’s mission. Excludes: – Interviewing candidates Examples: – Recruit employees – Carry out auditions
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S4.8 - supervising people

Assigning responsibilities to others and directing and monitoring their performance. Excludes: – Define roles of team members – Supervise children
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S4.9 - making decisions

Description Making a choice from several alternative possibilities. Examples: – Decide on loan applications – Make legal decisions – Decide on products to be stocked
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