information skills

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S2.0 - information skills

Description Collecting, storing, monitoring, and using information; Conducting studies, investigations and tests; maintaining records; managing, evaluating, processing, analysing and monitoring information and projecting outcomes.
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S2.1 - conducting studies, investigations and examinations

Conducting studies, investigations, and examinations to increase knowledge and understanding, diagnose problems or identify needs and requirements.
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S2.3 - managing information

Setting up and managing manual or electronic systems for storing , selecting, organizing, retrieving, distributing and safeguarding information. Examples: – Manage digital archives – Oversee record management – Organise information
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S2.4 - processing information

Description Inputting, recording, transcribing and updating data using electronic or manual information systems. Excludes: – Skills in the use of specific ICT tools to process data
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S2.5 - measuring physical properties

Measuring the dimensions, weight, density and other physical properties of objects, materials and spaces.
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S2.6 - calculating and estimating

Description Performing mathematical calculations and estimating the results of an action or a series of actions.
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S2.7 - analysing and evaluating information and data

Examining data or facts to determine appropriate actions or recommendations; comparing and critically evaluating the credibility and reliability of sources of data; making and defending judgements based on internal evidence and external criteria. Excludes: – Using ICT tools to analyse and process data.
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S2.9 - monitoring developments in area of expertise

Monitoring and keeping knowledge up-to-date concerning new research, methodologies, regulations, policies technological developments and other significant changes relevant to a particular field of specialisation. Examples: – Follow trends in sporting equipment – Keep up to date with diagnostic innovations – Monitor legislation developments – Monitor technology trends
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