S4.8 - supervising people

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S4.8.0 - supervising people

Description Assigning responsibilities to others and directing and monitoring their performance. Excludes: – Define roles of team members – Supervise children
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    S4.8.1 - supervising a team or group

    Managing, leading or supervising the activities a team or group of workers or students. Excludes: – Supervise children Examples: – Lead a team – Manage sales teams – Supervise crew
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      S4.8.2 - assigning work to others

      Description Assigning specific tasks to workers or students. Examples: – Assign duties to employees – Assign class work to students – Delegate tasks
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        S4.8.3 - monitoring and evaluating the performance of individuals

        Monitoring the behaviour or performance of workers, students or oneself to ensure that work is completed satisfactorily and to evaluate performance, capabilities and training needs. Excludes: – Supervise children Examples: – Monitor the quality of work – Perform classroom management – Evaluate employees work – Perform self-assessment
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