Average salaries in 144 countries are now accessible in the career encyclopedia!

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To make our career encyclopedia more relevant, we recently added many articles about the average salaries worldwide.

Salary information online: why didn’t we use other sources?

We know that the earnings you can make in a career are an essential criterion when choosing your job. However, until now, we were always cautious with the information we can find online about salaries.

Numerous sites compile data about different jobs in different countries to give an idea of what you can expect. Each site has its own methodology, and I would not say one is better than the other. But the problem with these data is that they are unevenly distributed.

Indeed, in rich countries like the United States, Canada, or countries of Western Europe, it is often easy to get information, as multiple sources exist. But in other countries, it can be more difficult. Sometimes, the sample in one country is made of more than 10K respondents, while in another, it is only a few dozen. Difficult in these conditions to rely on these data.

The other problem is simply due to copyrights. These data belong to the sites where they are hosted, and they don’t authorize their use of it by other companies, which is understandable.

And even if they authorize it, integrating these data and the content we already have in the career encyclopedia would be a problem. Indeed, both are not entirely aligned. For example, we use the ISCO-08 (International Standard Classification of Occupations) classification, and most of them don’t.

Introducing average salaries statistics from the ILO

None of these constraints exist with the data from the International Labour Organization: they are all available for free and in open access. The ILO is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social and economic justice by setting international labor standards. To do so, the ILO maintains many databases of labor-related statistics, such as labor participation rates, employment, unemployment, educational attainment, labor cost, and economic performance. These data cover 200 countries in the world. Hence, it is an ideal source of information for our career encyclopedia.

There are numerous statistics about labor in all countries available on their site. The only issue until now was that these data require a bit of skill and knowledge to be displayed and interpreted, making them inaccessible to many people.

Average salaries for managers in India displayed on ILOSTAT website
Here are the average salaries for managers in India displayed on ILOSTAT website

So, we decided to change that.

We created a new category in the career encyclopedia called “Country Statistics.” In this category, we try to present data like these more easily.

For now, we started with the average salaries of different job categories in every country, as defined in the ISCO. Soon, we will add other data from the same source and other reliable ones.

Average salaries for managers in India in the career encyclopedia of Jinnon ILOSTAT website
The same information displayed in our career encyclopedia

Ultimately, you will have more information about different career choices in your country and abroad to make informed decisions. All you have to do is to click on the article related to the country you are interested in.

Speaking of information about working abroad, stay tuned for another big new thing we will unveil soon. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

What can we say about the average salaries?

  • All salaries are always in local currency, and relate to a monthly gross remuneration
  • The difference in earnings between men and women is, in general, more important among managers, whatever the country
  • Unfortunately, sometimes, some data are missing for some countries. In that case, the data were not available.


This is an essential milestone in our desire to create a career management tool adapted to all markets. Having such information may help many of you figure out which career is best for you and what you can expect.

Of course, you can always join us on Jinn to improve the articles of the career encyclopedia, whether by adding information on salaries or any other topic.

All that remains is for me to let you enjoy this new information, hoping it will be helpful in your career.

See you soon.