Career algorithm: latest news (July 2021)

career algorithm illustration

Since the start of this adventure, I mentioned multiple times that I wanted to build a career algorithm, which would be seen as some kind of career counselor for users.

This is no easy task, as you can imagine. In fact, I am working on it since more than a year and half now. In the meantime, the competition even did something similar.

The difficult part in developing such thing is the lack of resources. Until recently, I was pretty alone to do this. Of course, I had also some help at some points, and I want to thank them for their support, especially since it has been done voluntarily (meaning for free) until now.

But today, I am please to announce that things have changed, and we are getting closer to our final objective.

First of all, I left my employer, to work full time on this project at last. This means much more time spent on it.

Secondly, thanks to @andi, who did an amazing job, we finally have an alpha version of the career algorithm. Right now, we are testing it with a limited number of users. But we are on track to deliver a public version in September 2021, which was the initial target.

At the same time, we expect to have our application available on Google Play and Apple App store. This app will allow people to have their career counselor in their pockets. Courses, jobs, coaching sessions and many more career related services will be brought easily to users.

Lastly, we will start working on a translation of Jinn in French. Like I said, our objective is to build a universal career counselor. In order to do that, it is normal that we speak the languages the people we want to help speak. As you can guess, it is easier for me to do it in French, but other languages will follow soon.

With this translation, additional services should come live, including partnerships with several institutions to make the tool more useful.

That’s the latest news about Jinn. One more thing, if you want to contribute to our tests, or in any other way, don’t hesitate to fill the form below.

I hope to see you soon with other good news.


Become a beta tester for the career algorithm
Become a beta tester for the career algorithm!