The dawn of a new era

Dawn new era

Today, we are entering a new era: one where career management is finally becoming affordable for everyone.

The old era vs the new era

Career management essentially consists in figuring out what is the best for one’s career. Until now, there were two options if you wanted to manage your career:

  • You spend your whole career in the same, or close field. In that case, you can hope to get better opportunities through your professional network, or by building your brand. This is in fact what most people do. The advantage of this approach is that you can capitalize on your skills acquired in previous jobs, thus becoming an expert in your area and getting a better position, and a better salary. The drawback is, you lock yourself in your field, potentially until your retirement. It is not such a problem if you are in a domain with promising future prospects, as energy transition or artificial intelligence are today. If not, or if you just don’t like what you are doing, it can be very difficult to change for something very different.
  • The other option is precisely to do this significant career change. But for such a big change, you would need to be very well informed: about what skills you need to master, what would be your new tasks, the potential career development opportunities, the salaries… As you can imagine, most people are refractory to such changes, as they don’t have the right resources for that.

To sum up, it was high time to move into a new era of career management, in which people have more tools to do what they really want, and achieve their true potential. And at Jinn, we want to bring you to this new era.

What can Jinn Career Advisor do?

Our contribution to correct these inequalities between jobseekers is the Jinn Career Advisor: an algorithm that determines the best occupation for a user, based on elements such as education, previous jobs, skills and passions. A few weeks ago, we released a preliminary version of this tool, mostly intended for people at an early stage of their career. While it was not the original plan to have two separate questionnaires (and it was more complicated and long than initially planned), this allowed us to make significant improvement on the plat de résistance.

Indeed, since this week, the career advisor can finally do its job for pretty much everybody, including those with a more significant work experience. To do that, it does not limit to proposing similar jobs, but it can also suggest jobs higher on the ladder of your career.

The test report overview
The detailed test report
And the answers given in the questionnaire

Thus, we hope to convince people who use this tool that they have more than what they think to achieve ambitious career goals, and for the missing parts they would need to evolve, we will show them what skills they need to improve. And all this for free!

What will there be next?

In future versions, our objective is to bring even more services to make the career advisor an essential companion in the management of your career. This will be done in particular by:

  • Increasing the number of articles in the career encyclopedia, and the content they have, so that it is really relevant to users. In this regard, we will soon propose a front-end interface so that users can create or edit articles. We will also add more references to universities, and explain what skill and education they propose, to better orientate people when they want to know about where they can learn specific skills and knowledge, as well as how to register there
  • Organize resumes according to the different categories of the career encyclopedia. That way, this will be much easier to assign skills related to an occupation to users, and therefore easier to follow their career evolution.
  • Propose coaching session to our users. Once again, we will try to make these affordable, so we are considering a points-based system, in which actions to contribute to the site’s improvement, like writing articles or posting jobs, would lead to the awarding of points, that would be redeemable for discount for coaching sessions.

Of course, the algorithm will be improved as we have more user feedback.

this sums up rather well what we want to achieve!

We are very excited by this new tool, and are looking forward to working on all these changes as soon as possible. I the meantime, we hope you will enjoy a lot our career advisor, and that you will share it with your friends!

Welcome to a new era!