Tell your journey: our new series that will inspire your career

Jinn Tell your journey new series annoucement

We are very happy to announce that we are going to launch a new series, Tell your journey, that will hopefully boost your motivation to move forward in your career!

Why create Tell your journey?

At Jinn, our mission is to help people reaching their most ambitious career objectives.

In order to do that, it is important to be motivated enough to set an ambitious goal. And one way to get this motivation is to get inspiration from other people you can relate to.

Sure, it is fascinating to read about successes from great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. There is nothing wrong about that. But the truth is that most people in the world will probably not feel too concerned by how they did to achieve success.

I took these examples, because they are among people who are the most often mentioned in articles on the Internet, when it is about entrepreneurial success. Some common point all these people share are:

  • they are all American. If you consider that about 60% of the most visited websites are written in English (the second language, Russian, is only at 8%), this explains why there are so much articles about them. Although once again, most of the content on the Internet may be optimized for the US public, but the majority of people in the world is still not there.
  • they are considered successful mostly because they are all billionaires. Like said in this post, we all have a different definition of success, that may not relate to money. The most important thing is to figure out what does success mean for you.

Considering these aspects, we found that there is no obvious single place where you could find examples of entrepreneur successes, that could reflect the diverse definitions of success. Nor is there a single place where you could have testimonials from entrepreneurs all over the world, and not just in the US. And because of this, it is harder to get inspiration when you think from the beginning that you cannot achieve what someone else did because you do not have the same chances.

That led us to create our new series, Tell your journey.

What is it about?

In Tell your journey, we interview people with an entrepreneurial journey. They tell us about how they started, how they overcame the inevitable difficulties on their way, what they learned from their experience, what they would do the same or differently. They give their opinion about entrepreneurship nowadays, and some tips for people who would want to emulate, or even better, do better than what they did.

In Tell your journey, we will not interview the most famous entrepreneurs in the world – although if we have the opportunity, we would not say no, of course! Instead, we will interview people you can more easily identify with. In other words, we will be much more open than a magazine such as Forbes.

What format will it be?

The interview is recorded on video, and will be posted on our YouTube channel.

In every case, we will try to do the interview in the language of our guest. But we will also add captions in English and the video language, to make it understandable to more people. A transcript in English and in the video language will be also available under the video.

If the reception is positive, we could consider making a podcast out of these interviews.

The main point here is to provide inspiration to our readers. By showing that success is within everyone’s reach, as long as you make the relevant efforts.

Of course, you will still have the possibility to directly contact the guest on Jinn, if you want to discuss further.

When will it be?

The first episode will be released next week, in lieu of our traditional Tuesday article.

In the first instance, we plan to publish a new episode once a week. Depending on the audience reception, we will decide if we should continue at the same rhythm or increase the frequency.

Can I feature in it?

Absolutely! We are always happy to showcase some of our users as examples, for others to get inspiration. For that, you just need to be or has been an entrepreneur.

We also want to hear from you if you have not met success. Entrepreneurship is not only success stories, there are unfortunately a lot of failures, and in that case, you can explain what went wrong, analyze your actions and share your experience. Your testimonial could help other wannabe entrepreneurs not to repeat the same mistakes.

For those who want to share their experience, we will soon put in place a form, where you could leave your contact details. We will then come back to you to discuss the terms and conditions.


We are looking forward to showing you the first episode of Tell your journey. Our first guest has a truly inspiring background, so we hope you will stay tuned for this event next week! And do not forget that you can also join as a guest. Your career can be great too, and together, we will make sure that the rest of the world knows it.

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