Supporting you amid the Great Resignation

Great Resignation illustration

A large proportion of the world has been subjected to the Covid-19 pandemic for two years (and counting), with minimal hope of it approaching an end. Though this is not the first time the world has to experience a pandemic, the present generation struggles to keep up with and adapt to the circumstances, which may become the new norm (we will tell more about this in the following article).

A drastic influence of this pandemic is the increase in the number of people who lost their jobs and the people who gave up theirs willingly. This phenomenon is nicknamed “the Great Resignation.” As a result, companies began re-evaluating the employees they had hired to work in their facility. In hiring new, better employees, others faced the loss of jobs and income. In other instances, people left their jobs mainly due to the pressure of having to work online and how their salary was cut back. As a result, workers (especially the young ones) quit their jobs to get a better one.

Potential reasons behind the Great Resignation

A good consequence for this step taken by millions around the globe was that individuals grew a yearning for more enjoyable moments in their everyday life. In modern days, most of our lives are spent at work, leaving a tiny portion for pleasure and fun. Therefore, workers, mainly from generation Z and the millennials, do not view this pandemic as just a tiresome and cruel phase of their life that has brought everything to a halt. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to step out of their bubble and do something unique.

However, dissatisfaction with online work and less salary is not the most popular reason for the Great Resignation. A recent survey has shown that more than half the people who took part were leaning towards quitting their jobs. The main objective of these people was to make use of this pandemic and explore a work environment that they find more satisfying, attractive, and comfortable in. In addition, they hope to achieve growth in a new career path when the lockdown interferes with their progress at their current job.

 It was observed that after spending some time in a pandemic, people have gotten more creative and motivated to try new things in the pandemic. Some even took a step towards getting something out of it and succeeded in portraying a unique yet appealing set of skills. As a result, many individuals started their online businesses, including home-based food services, hand-crafted jewelry, creating and selling art pieces to show off talent, or starting a blog about their interests.

Most of these people are young adults for whom job security for their family isn’t the highest priority. Therefore, they find it easier to take this step since they are less at stake than the middle-aged group. Their professions do not always pay well, but personal satisfaction is worth it when you love what you do and have fun doing it. 

Concrete examples

From a different perspective, for some of us, the reason behind being unhappy with the working position we are currently at is that we took the wrong approach at some point in our life. Or we were in a situation where any other decision would’ve been problematic, which is what brought us to the point where you’re right now. For example, young adults join their fathers’ businesses in some cultures and put their effort there. Indeed, it is considered a tradition, and one of the actions of support for their aging parents, even though their interests are far from it.

In general, being subjected to the same conditions for a long time might make one lose confidence in what he or she wants to achieve. We lose touch with our authentic selves and suppress our ambitions for several reasons. At times one may think that the position he or she is currently at is the best it can get, and no further.

For example, a man takes up a job as a hospital janitor when first looking for a job because he must feed his family. Later, with his financial condition improving, he could afford to take the risk of changing his job. However, in his mindset, a janitor’s job is the only one he is good at. As a result, he underestimates his capabilities because he no longer recognizes them. You might say they have gone dormant.

If you are someone or know someone who feels like this, you are at the right place. We provide services to help people in this situation, most of them for free. Continue reading below to find out more.

Considering a resignation too? Here’s what to do

Sit tight and assess your situation

In a Netflix film, the President of the United States suggests precisely to do this upon learning that a giant planet-killer comet is heading towards Earth. Without spoiling the end, that is relevant advice when you think about what to do next in your career.

Sit tight and assess

Psychologically speaking, one might argue that a self-assessment questionnaire based solely on the recipients’ reflection is not the most reliable method of gathering data. We discuss that deeper in this article.

That is a valid concern, as self-assessment tools are prone to social desirability brought by the user himself. But these tools remain helpful because you know yourself better than anyone else. If a person, in this case, the applicant hoping to begin a new career path, is truly focused and determined in this struggle, honesty in online services should not be a problem.

Just like your resume is a very significant part of any application. Suppose you lie in your resume or lie to yourself about how capable you are, just because you are too stubborn or fearful of being honest. In that case, all you’re doing is setting yourself up for failure, which benefits no one, let alone you.

Many self-evaluating tools suggest various methods for getting to know yourself better and guiding you to the optimal conclusion. Some provide a broad portrayal of the user, while others concentrate on specific areas of your personality. However, the SWOT analysis mainly gives the outcome from the entered information regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Of course, no one likes having their flaws pointed out. However, these flaws can often be minimized by hard work and effort, making you a better candidate for the job and helping you grow as a person. The cheat sheet provided by our test can help you see at a glance these areas to improve and figure out quickly what you want to do.

Jinn personal SWOT diagram

Find opportunities you like

Building a solid and impressive resume is the most fundamental step in building in or pursuing a new career path. Knowing what you want to do is great, but knowing the skills or qualities you need to acquire before doing what you want is different. In the hunt for jobs suited to one’s liking, one must first find out what that liking is.

Online career advisement surveys provide an efficient and thorough assessment of this aspect, such as Jinn career advisor. These surveys assess based on one’s previous job, education, and skills. Once this information has been entered, it provides the list of suitable employment for the user, i.e., positions in which the applicant can implement his previous knowledge and experience differently than their last job, but more satisfying for themselves.

The output from these surveys is significant because the list of potential careers you could undertake helps give a sense of direction and motivates the user to continue working towards their goals. 


Anticipate your career over the long term

Say you fill out the career quiz in hopes of finding new career paths, but you are still confused as to where these new paths will bring you in the longer term. The Jinn Career Encyclopedia, an online collaborative career encyclopedia (based on the Wikipedia model, i.e., anyone can contribute to the encyclopedia), is an excellent way to have an idea of the potential paths every job can offer, thanks to the paragraph intended for that purpose, Possible career paths.

Additionally, the encyclopedia also helps you discover job options based on the skills you already have, with a detailed list of possibilities. These tools provide analyzed information for many fields. They do not have constraints or biases for just any particular work area. So an engineer would be able to benefit from these just as much as a business person or an artist, for example. With nearly 3,000 jobs and 22,000 articles (counting), it is an easy-to-use and convenient tool for almost every individual, as long as they are fluent in basic English. 

Wrapping up: it is never too late to follow your passions

In conclusion, such measures could help minimize the effects of the Great Resignation, even after the pandemic is over. Changing a career is a giant leap, but very possible. Sometimes taking a risk is just the push you need to reach your objective. You need to gain the correct devotion and desire to put in the necessary effort while remaining unfazed because trying and failing is better than not trying.