2021 retrospective, and 2022 objectives

2021 retrospective andd 2022 objectives

We are in the last week of the year, so it is time for a 2021 retrospective. And at the same time, it is time to project ourselves into 2022 by setting our objectives for the year to come.

2021 retrospective

What we were aiming

As a reminder, here are the objectives we defined last year at the same time for 2021. The details of these objectives are in this post.

  • A roadmap to explain all the incoming features and their ETA
  • Closer integration between courses, articles, and job postings
  • An application for Android and iOS
  • A newsletter and more publications on social media
  • More content published

What we did actually

A functioning career advisor

It took a while, but we finally managed to build the first stone of our value proposition. The Career Advisor is still a work in progress. Still, it can already suggest jobs based on your past work experience, education, and favorite skills. It can also highlight the skills you already have for every suggestion and the skills you need to improve in priority. The fact it is based on the career encyclopedia means it is also ready to be enhanced according to the feedback from Jinn users.

An improved career encyclopedia

For every job description in the Career Encyclopedia, we propose other jobs with similar skills or represent an improvement in responsibilities. We use the same algorithm as the one behind the career advisor. And it helps to plan a career in the longer term. You can see different opportunities at every level and compare the skills you need to go from a career path to another one.

A mobile application

In November 2021, we have published our Jinn application on both AppStore and Google Play. All the features available on the website are in the application, except the marketplace at first. That will change in the first months of 2022 in our next update.

More content on social media

Since November 2021, we have started publishing more content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We also try to publish two articles per week on career management, entrepreneurship, education, etc.

2022 objectives

More coaches on Jinn

We spoke a lot about the benefits of having a coach, like here or here. In this context of the covid-19 pandemic, we still think coaches can have a significant role in helping people fulfill their career objectives. And, if possible, affordable coaches. So, in addition to the sessions proposed by our partner, we plan to attract more coaches and work with them to keep their costs low enough so that many people can use their services. We hope we will become the place for all life and career coaches in the long term.

More Jinnterviews

We want to bring more inspiring stories to our users and readers. But, unfortunately, managing such interviews has been more demanding than expected so that we could make only one in 2021. But we remain committed to doing more in this area. Indeed, we believe the more people have role models like them, the more they feel encouraged to follow the steps of these brilliant persons.

A revamped resume manager

We had a lot of reflection about building a better job board. The good thing about starting from scratch is that we can try out new concepts that haven’t been seen anywhere else. All this without overthinking whether we will lose traffic or not since we have little traffic. So, I am pleased to tell you that we will unveil a fantastic and exciting feature in the next couple of months that will make Jinn stand out clearly from the competition. I don’t want to spoil too much about it now but stay tuned for more information.

An upgraded version of the Career Advisor

We are fully aware our career algorithm can be improved a lot, especially in terms of suggestions it makes. Fortunately, we have a considerable margin of progress for that. For instance, by considering more articles in the Career Encyclopedia and a better classification of all jobs, adding more criteria in the results such as the time spent in every position, the university prestige, etc. There are so many things we can do to improve it, and although I am not saying we will do all of them, there is a lot we will do to improve our service.

More articles about educational institutions

It is nice to browse for a career with the Career Encyclopedia. However, it would be better if these career suggestions came with suggestions of universities, colleges, or other education centers where you can learn the skills you need for your dream job. That is the feature we are currently working on. Again, we expect it to be available to the public in the first quarter of 2022. Per our mission statement, this tool will list all training centers worldwide. Thus, this service, alongside all the other services we provide, remains intended for anyone, regardless of their location or educational background.

Of course, building such a tool won’t be done overnight. So, expect it to be progressively available, region by region. But we will eventually cover all the areas.


In the end, we met some objectives, failed to meet others, and achieved some actions we didn’t plan to do. So I would say the year was average +. However, what is most exciting about this new year is that we have people working full time on this, so I am reasonably optimistic about overachieving next year. I will end this post by wishing you a happy and bright new year for you and your loved ones, and I hope that you will also reach ambitious targets in your personal or professional life. As for me, I will see you soon, with exciting things to announce.