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A2.0 - values

Description Principles or standards of behaviour, revealing one’s judgement of what is important in life. Includes: – Personal principles of behaviour Excludes: – Work styles that can affect how well someone performs a job
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A2.1 - demonstrate consideration

Act in an understanding and supportive manner that is sensitive to others’ needs and feelings. Excludes: – Demonstrate good manners Examples: – Adapt teaching to student’s capabilities – Promote inclusion – Adapt behaviour to reflect capabilities or particularities of others
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A2.2 - demonstrate good manners

Description Engage with others according to the normal customs and expectations of contemporary social behaviour, appropriate to the context. Excludes: – Demonstrate consideration
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A2.3 - follow ethical code of conduct

Carry out workplace activities according to accepted principles of right and wrong, including fairness, transparency and impartiality in work practices and conduct towards other people. Includes: – Formal business code of conduct incorporating relevant areas of legislation – Personal values which guide decision-making, work practices and behaviour towards fellow-workers, subordinates, superiors
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