Airport lighting equipment


Know various types of lighting systems and airport lighting equipment e.g. low-intensity runway light (LIRL) systems, medium-intensity runway light (MIRL) and high-intensity runway light (HIRL).

Alternative labels

lighting devices in airports
lighting systems used in airports
airport lighting devices
variety of airport lighting systems
airport lighting apparatus
systems of airport lighting
different systems of airport lighting
lighting apparatus in airports
variety of lighting systems used in airports
types of lighting used in airports
lighting equipment in airports

Skill type


Skill reusability level


Relationships with occupations

Essential knowledge

Airport lighting equipment is an essential knowledge of the following occupations:

Airport chief executive: Airport chief executives lead a group of airport directors who are responsible for all areas of the airport. They envision and make decisions on the strategic direction of the airport based on the information provided by their team of managers.
Ground lighting officer: Ground lighting officers carry out the inspection and maintenance of airports’ lighting systems. They record their findings and formulate the actions to be followed.

Optional knowledge

Airport lighting equipment is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this knowledge may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.




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Last updated on September 20, 2022

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