Apply footwear finishing techniques


Apply various chemical and mechanical finishing procedures to footwear by performing manual or machine operations, with or without chemicals, such as heel and sole roughing, dying, bottom polishing, cold or hot wax burnishing, cleaning, removing tacks, inserting socks, hot air treeing for removing wrinkles, and cream, spray or antique dressing. Work both manually and use the equipment and machines, and adjust working parameters.

Alternative labels

apply techniques for footwear finishing
put into practice finishing processes and techniques
apply footwear finishing processes and techniques
execute footwear finishing techniques
execute footwear finishing techniques and processes

Skill type


Skill reusability level


Relationships with occupations

Essential skill

Apply footwear finishing techniques is an essential skill of the following occupations:

Orthopaedic footwear technician: Orthopaedic footwear technicians design footwear and make patterns, using manufacturing technology. They compensate and accommodate foot and ankle fitting problems, design and manufacture footwear and its orthopaedic components, including orthoses, insoles, soles and others.
Leather goods finishing operator: Leather goods finishing operators organise leather goods products to be finished applying different types of finishing (e.g. creamy, oily, waxy, polishing, plastic-coated, etc.). They use tools, means and materials to incorporate the handles and metallic applications in bags, suitcases, and other accessories. They study the sequence of operations according to the information received from the supervisor and from the technical sheet of the model. They apply techniques for ironing, creaming or oiling, for the application of liquids for waterproofing, leather washing, cleaning, polishing, waxing, brushing, burning tips, remotion of glue waste, and painting the tops following technical specifications. They also check visually the quality of the finished by paying close attention to the absence of wrinkles, straight seams, and cleanliness. They correct anomalies or defects that can be solved by finishing and reported to the supervisor.
Footwear finishing and packing operator: Footwear finishing and packing operators apply several techniques for assuring an appropriate final appearance of the packed pairs of footwear that are going to be sold. They perform according to the information received from their supervisor about the shoes that are going to be finished, about the means and materials to be used and the sequence of operations.
Shoe repairer: Shoe repairers repair and renew deteriorated footwear and other items like belts or bags. They use hand tools and specialised machinery to add soles and heels, replace worn-out buckles and clean and polish shoes.
Shoemaker: Shoemakers use hand or machine operations for traditional manufacturing of a various range of footwear. They also repair all types of footwear in a repair shop.

Optional skill

Apply footwear finishing techniques is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this skill may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.

Leather goods production supervisor: Leather goods production supervisors monitor and coordinate day-to-day production activities of a leather goods manufacturing plant. They oversee quality control as well as manage the leather goods production staff. The work also involves organising the work flow as well as taking care of production plan and costs.
Footwear production machine operator: Footwear production machine operators tend specific machines in the industrial production of footwear. They operate machinery for lasting, cutting, closing, and finishing footwear products. They also perform routine maintenance of the machinery.
Footwear production technician: Footwear production technicians perform a wide range of activities regarding footwear manufacturing. They are involved in all phases of the process including product engineering and different types of construction. They aim at maximising productivity and reducing production costs, assuring the functionality and quality of product and customer satisfaction.
Footwear production supervisor: Footwear production supervisors monitor and coordinate day-to-day production activities of a footwear manufacturing plant. They oversee quality control to ensure that the end product is in alignment with production specifications, and manage the footwear staff. The work also involves negotiations with suppliers as well as taking care of the production plan and production costs.




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