Coordinate cutting room in footwear manufacturing


Coordinate the flow of materials and footwear components. Manage orders and organise the activity of the cutting room. Distribute machinery, operations and workers. Manage and optimise production and materials. Divide and organise pieces and components according to the footwear model or size and send them directly to the closing room or to the warehouse. Organise in-process quality control.

Alternative labels

footwear cutting room coordination
coordinate footwear cutting room
coordinate cutting room for footwear manufacturing
organize cutting room activities in footwear manufacturing
manage cutting room in footwear manufacturing
organise cutting room activities in footwear manufacturing
manage footwear cutting room

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Essential skill

Coordinate cutting room in footwear manufacturing is an essential skill of the following occupations:

Optional skill

Coordinate cutting room in footwear manufacturing is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this skill may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.

Footwear production technician: Footwear production technicians perform a wide range of activities regarding footwear manufacturing. They are involved in all phases of the process including product engineering and different types of construction. They aim at maximising productivity and reducing production costs, assuring the functionality and quality of product and customer satisfaction.
Footwear production manager: Footwear production managers plan, distribute, and coordinate all necessary activities of the different footwear manufacturing phases ensuring the adherence to quality standards and production and productivity pre-defined goals.
Footwear assembly supervisor: Footwear assembly supervisors check and coordinate activities of operators in the lasting room. They are in charge of coordinating lasting room activity with the previous and following activities of the production chain. They examine uppers and soles to be lasted and give instructions to produce them. These supervisors are in charge of supplying the lasting room with uppers, lasts, shanks, counters and small handling tools, and they are also in charge of the quality control of the lasting.
Footwear production supervisor: Footwear production supervisors monitor and coordinate day-to-day production activities of a footwear manufacturing plant. They oversee quality control to ensure that the end product is in alignment with production specifications, and manage the footwear staff. The work also involves negotiations with suppliers as well as taking care of the production plan and production costs.




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