What we mean by “career marketplace”


Surprisingly, when I started to look for “career marketplace” on Google, the results were far away from what I had in mind initially. In fact, it seems there are multiple interpretations of the meaning of career marketplace. So I thought it could be useful to explain my interpretation, as well as how I want the Jinn career marketplace to be useful to the Jinn users, depending your profile.

What do people usually mean by “career marketplace”?

To answer this simple question, you can enter “career marketplace” on Google.

Done? Then look at your results.

career marketplace SERP

My results may differ from yours, as Google considers multiple other criteria such as your search history, location, language etc. But it could be that one of the most frequent results you have relates to a company called Career Marketplace.

As for the other results, sure they are related to careers. But none of them is about a real career marketplace, funnily enough. Another interesting aspect is that some results, although quite old – from 2017 – and outdated, still managed to make it to the first page of search results. In other words, there is no real and current career marketplace among these results.

By the way, let’s think of how we could describe a career marketplace. There are only two words to figure out the meaning: career and marketplace..

A marketplace is simply a place where buyers and sellers meet each other to trade goods or service. In the online world, this place is a website, most of the time. eBay, Amazon, CodeCanyon or even Udemy can be considered as marketplaces, even if some of them are more specialized than others.

So theoretically, a career marketplace would be a place where you can purchase different goods or services related to careers in general, right? In that case, isn’t it funny that there is no such thing on Google Search results? Well, this finding lead to the creation of Jinn career marketplace.

What is Jinn career marketplace?

Jinn Career Marketplace is a place where basically, those who want to boost their career come to be in relation with persons who sell services to benefit careers.

Where it gets interesting is that you don’t need to be a career coach, recruitment specialist or consultant in any domain. In fact, everybody is specialist in a specific area.

Concretely, you have 3 main parts:

  • a vendor dashboard, which allows you to track all the sales you made, but also to configure your own store, add your products, define your pricing strategy…
  • a store listing, where you can see all the stores available on Jinn
  • and a page summarizing your orders.

Jinn store listing

All users can access these pages by default, although you need to request approval to the admin if you want to start selling products. The reason for that is that we first want to be sure the product to be sold is compliant with our policy.

You already know that you can sell your expertise on Jinn, by creating a course with the instructor dashboard. For example, you may have several years of experience in a specific occupation, for which you probably need to master some knowledge and skills. You could therefore teach these skills and knowledge you have, and the more you are skilled and knowledgeable, the more you can be recognized for this, and the more you can earn money with it.

Similarly, if you are in need of a specific skill or knowledge, you can of course find a specialist, and based on his or her experience and mastery of the skill or knowledge, you can purchase the course he or she sells.

But you can do more than just buying or selling online courses, for the sake of your career.

Why a career marketplace?

It is no secret there is a plethora of job search sites, course sites, career sites, etc. So theoretically, access to knowledge should be very easy.

But, as you already know, things are not so simple.

Searching for a job is no easy task. But searching for a job tailored for you, a job in which you thrive, is something probably out of reach of most people. The reason for that? To search for your dream job, you must know what it is. To know that, you must know yourself, your capabilities, your values, and compare all these with the market needs to see if there is a match.

The catch is, even if you fulfill the first three conditions, you may not know exactly what is possible in the market with your knowledge, or how much it is worth, the possibilities of evolution etc.

This is where Jinn Career Marketplace comes in. You can easily contact a coach, to help you define your goal, and the steps you need to do in order to reach it. Furthermore, our career explorer can also give you a hint at potential career objectives in the form of occupations.

But you can do much more than that.

Initially, the idea of a career marketplace came because we were looking for a way to have a job search tool different from all the other existing tools. Most of the generalist ones are easy to use and very convenient (in fact, I benefited from them a lot in my own career). But they are also often targeting a small part of the job market: high-skilled people, low-skilled people, American people, rich people… It is very hard to find a tool made for the whole market.

One of the reasons is that if people do not understand the benefit of a tool, they won’t use it, of course. So the level of knowledge is already a barrier to a wider use of these platforms.

With Jinn Career Marketplace, we bet that the users of Jinn will see the benefit of the tools we are rolling out, use them, and then tell their friends about it. And because they will have benefited from our services, they will want to promote it to them, so they can benefit from it as well. They can also be incentivized by the possibility to sell this kind of service of Jinn, for the price they want. Thus, they will be able to make their friends benefit from Jinn, while being paid.

This will also allow us to potentially reach people who are usually not considered by our competitors: those with no or poor computer skills or literacy skills, people without degree, people with a poor Internet access. And of course, if they benefit from using Jinn too, that means they improve their career perspectives, which is our mission, so it would make our day.

What you can find on Jinn Career Marketplace?

At the moment, our efforts are mainly focused on the Career Explorer and the coaching sessions. Regarding the latter, we even partnered with a coach, in order to propose coaching sessions to our users starting from now. In a near future, we hope to welcome more career specialists who are willing to sell their services on Jinn.

As for the other goods and services we plan to sell, all related to careers:

  • books and ebooks
  • webinars
  • recruitment services
  • career fair tickets (if covid-19 ends one day, inch’Allah)

We would be ready to look at other suggestions, if you leave them in the comments below.

How much does it cost?

In case you missed it, at Jinn, our objective is to propose affordable tools to allow as many people as possible to boost their careers. Every user of Jinn can sell anything if it is to improve a career. We do plan to charge a commission on all transactions occurring in the marketplace in the future. But at the moment, we charge nothing at all.

That’s right, our marketplace is entirely free to use currently, as part of our launch offer. Although it won’t last too long, so take advantage of it while it is still valid. We will make another announcement to explain our commission strategy.


Jinn Career Marketplace offers something truly unique and original to benefit your career and those of the other members. Everybody has a stake in it: sellers can sell their expertise related to careers, without needing to be career professionals, just professionals in their domain. Buyers have the possibility to purchase information or services they may not have been able to get elsewhere, to boost their careers. And of course, with your feedback, it will get only better.