Call witnesses


Call witnesses during court hearings at the appropriate time, when it is time for them to be questioned or present their story, compliant with court procedure regulations.

Alternative labels

call eye witnesses
witness summons
gather witnesses
summon eye witnesses
subpoena eye witnesses
summon witnesses
subpoena witnesses
gather eye witnesses

Skill type


Skill reusability level


Relationships with occupations

Essential skill

Call witnesses is an essential skill of the following occupations:

Court bailiff: Court bailiffs maintain order and security in courtrooms. They transport offenders to and from the courtroom, ensure necessary supplies are present in the courtroom, and investigate the premises and examine individuals to ensure there are no threats. They also open and close court, and call witnesses.

Optional skill

Call witnesses is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this skill may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.




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Last updated on September 20, 2022