Maintain footwear assembling equipment


Produce plans for the frequency, operations, components and materials to be used in the maintenance of footwear. Install, program, tune and provide preventive and corrective maintenance for different machines and equipment involved in the footwear manufacturing. Assess the functionality and performance of the various equipment and machines, detect faults and correct problems, make repairs and substitute components and pieces, and perform routine lubrication as well as perform preventive and corrective maintenance. Register all technical information related to the maintenance.

Alternative labels

look after footwear assembling equipment
maintain footwear assembling equipment and machines
perform maintenance on equipment and machines for footwear assembly
maintain footwear assembly equipment and machines
look after footwear assembly equipment and machines
maintain footwear assembly equipment
apply maintenance processes and techniques of footwear assembling equipments and machines
look after footwear assembling equipment and machines
look after footwear assembly equipment

Skill type


Skill reusability level


Relationships with occupations

Essential skill

Maintain footwear assembling equipment is an essential skill of the following occupations:

Cutting machine operator: Cutting machine operators check leather, textiles, synthetic materials, dyes and footwear. They select areas of materials to be cut in terms of quality and stretch direction, take the decision of where and how to cut and programme and execute specific technology or machine. The equipment used for large surfaces of materials is frequently an automatic knife. Cutting machine operators position and handle leather or other materials. They adjust cutting machines, match footwear components and pieces, and check cut pieces against specifications and quality requirements.

Textile machinery technician: Textile machinery technicians set up, maintain, inspect and repair mechanical and computer-controlled machinery used in textile manufacturing such as weaving, dyeing and finishing machines.
Footwear maintenance technician: Footwear maintenance technicians are the professionals who install, program and tune different types of cutting, stitching, assembling and finishing equipment used in footwear production. They perform preventive and corrective maintenance, and verify periodically working conditions and performance. They analyse faults, correct problems, repair and substitute components or pieces, and do routine lubrications, providing information on their use and energetic consumption mainly to the decision makers inside the company.
Leather goods maintenance technician: Leather goods maintenance technicians programme and tune different types of cutting, stitching, finishing and specific equipment related to leather goods manufacturing. They take care of the preventive and corrective maintenance of the various equipment by periodically verifying their working conditions and performance, analysing faults, correcting problems, repairing and substitutes components and performing routine lubrications. They provide information on the usage of equipment and its energetic consumption to decision makers inside the company.
Pre-lasting operator: Pre-lasting operators handle tools and equipment for placing stiffeners, moulding toe puff and other actions necessary for lasting the uppers of the footwear over the last. They make preparations for lasting-cemented construction by attaching the insole, inserting the stiffener, back moulding and conditioning the uppers before lasting.

Optional skill

Maintain footwear assembling equipment is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this skill may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.

Orthopaedic footwear technician: Orthopaedic footwear technicians design footwear and make patterns, using manufacturing technology. They compensate and accommodate foot and ankle fitting problems, design and manufacture footwear and its orthopaedic components, including orthoses, insoles, soles and others.
Footwear production machine operator: Footwear production machine operators tend specific machines in the industrial production of footwear. They operate machinery for lasting, cutting, closing, and finishing footwear products. They also perform routine maintenance of the machinery.
Footwear production technician: Footwear production technicians perform a wide range of activities regarding footwear manufacturing. They are involved in all phases of the process including product engineering and different types of construction. They aim at maximising productivity and reducing production costs, assuring the functionality and quality of product and customer satisfaction.
Footwear production supervisor: Footwear production supervisors monitor and coordinate day-to-day production activities of a footwear manufacturing plant. They oversee quality control to ensure that the end product is in alignment with production specifications, and manage the footwear staff. The work also involves negotiations with suppliers as well as taking care of the production plan and production costs.




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