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It’s been a while since I last posted about the progress made by Jinn and the changes we plan to make in the coming months. So here I am to tell you the latest news about what we did, what worked well, what did not work, and what we plan to do soon.

More blog posts

The life of an entrepreneur is not a long quiet river. Many other entrepreneurs know that already.

Since the beginning of this year, we have had a more intense activity in blog posts on the website. In addition, we were also more present on several social media, sharing advice about career development, education, entrepreneurship, and other career-related topics. That was one of our objectives set at the beginning of this year, and we plan to continue this way.

Recently, we reached the threshold of 50 blog posts published. That is good, but we want to do better. This is why we have a new rhythm, thanks to which we publish 2 to 3 posts a week. At least one is a brand new post, while the others can be either new or updated.

50 blog posts published!

A new career encyclopedia

We also significantly revamped our career encyclopedia. Indeed, the user experience regarding article editing was quite complex before. With the current version, clicking the “Edit” button brings you to a new window, where you can make the changes you want.

Our new article editing interface

To reflect these changes, we modified the main page of the career encyclopedia. This new page explains better the purpose of the encyclopedia and how to modify articles. It also displays some sample articles to give an idea of what users can expect.

Our new career encyclopedia main page

Speaking of articles, we are in the process of significantly improving them. Indeed, Our goal is to be seen as an authority for anything career-related. To that end, articles have been updated in these aspects:

  • More content in every job article. Typically, we added paragraphs like “Working conditions” or “Duties.” In other sections, we added more information when we thought it was relevant. And in some articles, we can even add specific paragraphs.
  • Images included. Sometimes, a picture speaks louder than many words
  • References added. It doesn’t sound like a significant change, but it is. For a site that wants to become a reference, it is essential to mention all our inspiration and show that the information we provide is not coming from anywhere.

These changes take time to be fully implemented. However, we can already see their effects. Indeed, we already rank on the first page of Google Search results for many keywords. For some of them, we are even the first result.

Jinn ranks first for some keywords

But once again, to be considered seriously, we need the support of as many experts as possible. And when I say experts, I mean people who have many years of experience in one skill or knowledge. There are so many skills and expertise that anybody is an expert in something. The key is to figure out that area of expertise. If you know it, you can help us.

We already listed multiple skills and knowledge in our encyclopedia. All of them have an article page. And all of them are used in job articles. But all of them also need more explanation.

Many people who find our site following a search on Google do so because of research about a job or skill or knowledge. Unfortunately, while a general explanation of a skill can be easily found on the Internet, it is more difficult to find an explanation of how that skill is used in a particular job. Or what job can one specific skill unlock. This is precisely what we want to propose to our users, for free.

Therefore, if you want to help many people in the world to find a better career path for them, don’t hesitate. Subscribe and edit our articles or create articles in areas we don’t cover yet. Or share an invitation to Jinn for your friends, and let them know about our initiative.

Online tests

The career test is an essential service we offer to our users.

We were impacted by technical issues until recently, which prevented many users from trying it. We apologize for that, and we did our best to solve them as soon as possible.

While the issue is now behind, we know that the loading time is still long. Therefore, that will be our priority to reduce it in the coming weeks.

At the same time, we continued our reflection on the kind of services we should promote to our users. As you know, we thought from the beginning about an online course platform and a career marketplace. However, to make our services more consistent, we decided to focus on creating more tests to help you make the best career choices.

We already had the career test, a.k.a. career advisor, and the personal SWOT analysis. But these two tests are far from enough to help you choose your career. Many other tests, including personality tests, skills tests, or aptitude tests, are widely used in recruitment, but for some profiles only. We plan to propose them to all our users. Combined with the information in our career encyclopedia, this will be good preparation for a career change for many users.

Theme update

We want to make the user experience the same no matter how you access Jinn, either through the website or the mobile application. This work started a week ago; hence, you can expect some changes in the next week in how you access the different services of the site. But, in the end, the brand identity will be more consistent and more straightforward than today.

A new job board

These changes are challenging to implement, as expected. As things stand, we missed our deadline of April 2022. The resurgence of the pandemic due to the Omicron variant and a misunderstanding of critical requirements by our developers have led to a delay of this feature.

I hope that by June 2022, we will be able to release it. This will significantly make publishing a job and searching for talent on Jinn easier.


You may have noticed that I didn’t say much about the online courses or the career marketplace. Not that I forgot them, but I think we should prioritize our efforts on the topics mentioned above to attract more users. The more we can provide services, the more we get users, and the quicker we will add other services such as career coaching, online courses, etc.

See you in the next episode!