Anodising specifications


The various specifications used in the anodising process, three of which are types of aluminium anodisation (chromic acid anodising, sulfric acid anodising and sulfric acid hardcoat anodising), but also non-aluminium based types such as phosphoric acid anodising, organic acid anodising, plasma electrolytic oxidation, and borate and tartrate baths.

Alternative labels

anodising processes
electroplating conditions
electroplating specifications
anodising specifications
anodising stipulations
anodising conditions
electroplating processes
electroplating stipulations

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Anodising machine operator: Anodising machine operators set up and tend anodising machines designed to provide otherwise finished metal workpieces, usually aluminum-based, with a durable, anodic oxide, corrosion-resistant finishing coat, by a electrolyctic passiviation process that increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer of the metal workpieces’ surface.




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