ICT network simulation


The methods and tools which enable modelling of the ICT network behaviour by calculating the data exchange among entities or capturing and reproducing characteristics from a functioning network.

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Essential knowledge

ICT network simulation is an essential knowledge of the following occupations:

Optional knowledge

ICT network simulation is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this knowledge may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.

Embedded system designer: Embedded system designers translate and design requirements and the high-level plan or architecture of an embedded control system according to technical software specifications.
ICT system tester: ICT system testers perform testing activities and some test planning activities. They may also debug and repair ICT systems and components although this mainly corresponds to designers and developers. They ensure that all systems and components function properly before delivering them to internal and external clients.
ICT integration tester: ICT integration testers perform testsĀ in groups of system components, units or even applications. They group them in larger aggregates and apply integration test plans on them. They oversee the complexity of relations between different components.
ICT network architect: ICT network architects design the topology and connectivity of ICT network such as hardware, infrastructure, communication and hardware components.




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Last updated on September 20, 2022