Types of drill press oils


Types of oil such as (sulphurarised) cutting oils, WD-40, 3-IN-ONE and others used in the drilling process to function as a lubricant that facilitates a smooth drilling process, keeps the drill bit cool and increases its durability.

Alternative labels

brands of boring lubricants
models of drill press oils
categories of boring lubricants
models of boring lubricants
categories of drill press oils
drill press oils varieties
brands of drill press oils
boring lubricants varieties

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Boilermaker: Boilermakers operate a variety of equipment and machinery to create, repipe and retube hot water and steam boilers, producing them in all steps of the production process. They cut, gouge and shape the metal sheets and tubes for the boilers to size, using oxy-acetylene gas torches, assemble them by shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding or gas tungsten arc welding, and finish them by the approprate machine tools, power tools and coating.
Drill press operator: Drill press operators set up and operate drill presses designed to cut excess material from or enlarge a hole in a fabricated workpiece using a hardened, rotary, multipointed cutting tool that inserts the drill into the workpiece axially.




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