Prepare freight shipment reports


Compose and submit freight shipment reports. Include detailed information on freight conditions and freight handling; report problems if necessary.

Alternative labels

compile reports on freight shipments
compose and submit cargo shipment reports
compile reports on cargo shipments
prepare reports on freight shipments
prepare shipment reports
prepare reports on cargo shipments
compose and submit freight shipment reports
write reports on cargo shipments
write reports on freight shipments
prepare cargo shipment reports
prepare reports on shipments

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Relationships with occupations

Essential skill

Prepare freight shipment reports is an essential skill of the following occupations:

Rail logistics coordinator: Rail logistics coordinator manage shipments by rail including or excluding other transport modes. They coordinate the timely allocation of transport means and equipment and ensure a timely delivery. They design and maintain efficient supply chains for clients and shippers.
Marine cargo inspector: Marine cargo inspectors investigate all baggage and freight listed on the ship’s manifest. They are responsible for checking the condition of the cargo and verifying the cargo’s documentation and compliance with rules and regulations. Marine cargo inspectors analyse the vessels’ capabilities, the fuel compartments, the safety equipment and the specific licenses required.
Non-vessel operating common carrier: Non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC) are consolidators in ocean trades who will buy space from a carrier and sub-sell it to smaller ship­pers. They issue bills of lading, publish tariffs and otherwise conducts themselves as ocean common carriers.
Freight inspector: Freight inspectors determine if freight is secure and comes with the proper documentation. They inspect, manage and document freight shipments while verifying that the content comply with local, national and international regulations.
Train driver: Train drivers operate trains providing passenger or cargo transport services. They are responsible for driving the locomotive in safe manner, respecting all relevant safety, operational and communication regulations, and have full responsibility for the safety of passengers and cargo. The task involves cooperation and communication with the relevant staff under the infrastructure manager, as well as with staff on board the train.
Stevedore superintendent: Stevedore superintendents supervise and monitor the freight handling and longshore labor in a dockyard to maximise productivity. They manage the loading and unloading of cargo and monitor the safety of the work area. Stevedore superintendents may also investigate incidents and prepare accident reports.

Optional skill

Prepare freight shipment reports is optional for these occupations. This means knowing this skill may be an asset for career advancement if you are in one of these occupations.




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