Wholesale merchant in office furniture


Wholesale merchants in office furniture investigate potential wholesale buyers and suppliers and match their needs. They conclude trades involving large quantities of goods.

Minimum qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is generally recommended to work as a wholesale merchant in office furniture.

ISCO skill level

ISCO skill level is defined as a function of the complexity and range of tasks and duties to be performed in an occupation. It is measured on a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 the lowest level and 4 the highest, by considering:

  • the nature of the work performed in an occupation in relation to the characteristic tasks and duties
  • the level of formal education required for competent performance of the tasks and duties involved and
  • the amount of informal on-the-job training and/or previous experience in a related occupation required for competent performance of these tasks and duties.

Wholesale merchant in office furniture is a Skill level 3 occupation.

Wholesale merchant in office furniture career path

Similar occupations

These occupations, although different, require a lot of knowledge and skills similar to wholesale merchant in office furniture.

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Long term prospects

These occupations require some skills and knowledge of wholesale merchant in office furniture. They also require other skills and knowledge, but at a higher ISCO skill level, meaning these occupations are accessible from a position of wholesale merchant in office furniture with a significant experience and/or extensive training.

pricing specialist
import export manager in office furniture
online sales channel manager
import export manager in china and other glassware
import export manager in computers, computer peripheral equipment and software

Essential knowledge and skills

Essential knowledge

This knowledge should be acquired through learning to fulfill the role of wholesale merchant in office furniture.

  • Product comprehension: The offered products, their functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Office furniture products: The offered office furniture products, its functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Sales strategies: The principles concerning customer behaviour and target markets with the aim of promotion and sales of a product or a service.

Essential skills and competences

These skills are necessary for the role of wholesale merchant in office furniture.

  • Identify suppliers: Determine potential suppliers for further negotiation. Take into consideration aspects such as product quality, sustainability, local sourcing, seasonality and coverage of the area. Evaluate the likelihood of obtaining beneficial contracts and agreements with them.
  • Monitor international market performance: Continuously monitor the international market performance by staying up-to-date with trade media and trends.
  • Initiate contact with sellers: Identify sellers of commodities and establish contact.
  • Identify customer’s needs: Use appropriate questions and active listening in order to identify customer expectations, desires and requirements according to product and services.
  • Negotiate sales contracts: Come to an agreement between commercial partners with a focus on terms and conditions, specifications, delivery time, price etc.
  • Comprehend financial business terminology: Grasp the meaning of basic financial concepts and terms used in businesses and financial institutions or organisations.
  • Assess supplier risks: Evaluate supplier performance in order to assess which suppliers do or may not perform adequately, stick to the agreed contracts, meet the standard requirements and desired quality at all times or who may pose future risks.
  • Show entrepreneurial spirit: demonstrate a proactive attitude and determination to achieve success in business
  • Initiate contact with buyers: Identify buyers of commodities and establish contact.
  • Have computer literacy: Utilise computers, IT equipment and modern day technology in an efficient way.
  • Identify new business opportunities: Pursue potential customers or products in order to generate additional sales and ensure growth.
  • Negotiate sale of commodities: Discuss client’s requirements for buying and selling commodities and negotiate their sale and purchase in order to obtain the most beneficial agreement.
  • Build business relationships: Establish a positive, long-term relationship between organisations and interested third parties such as suppliers, distributors, shareholders and other stakeholders in order to inform them of the organisation and its objectives.
  • Plan transport operations: Plan mobility and transport for different departments in order to obtain the best possible movement of equipment and materials. Negotiate the best possible delivery rates. Compare different bids and select the most reliable and cost-effective bid.
  • Maintain financial records: Keep track of and finalise all formal documents representing the financial transactions of a business or project.
  • Negotiate buying conditions: Negotiate terms such as price, quantity, quality, and delivery terms with vendors and suppliers in order to ensure the most beneficial buying conditions.
  • Perform market research: Gather, assess and represent data about target market and customers in order to facilitate strategic development and feasibility studies. Identify market trends.

ISCO group and title

3324 – Trade brokers

  1. Wholesale merchant in office furniture – ESCO
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