Chocolate moulding operator

Chocolate moulding operators mould chocolate like this


Chocolate moulding operators tend machines and equipment that pour tempered chocolate into moulds to form bars, blocks, and other shapes of chococlate. They monitor machines to ensure that moulds do not jam.

Other titles

The following job titles also refer to chocolate moulding operator:

chocolate mould worker
chocolate mould operator
chocolate moulder
chocolate mould operative

Minimum qualifications

No formal educational credential is generally required to work as a chocolate moulding operator.

ISCO skill level

ISCO skill level is defined as a function of the complexity and range of tasks and duties to be performed in an occupation. It is measured on a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 the lowest level and 4 the highest, by considering:

  • the nature of the work performed in an occupation in relation to the characteristic tasks and duties
  • the level of formal education required for competent performance of the tasks and duties involved and
  • the amount of informal on-the-job training and/or previous experience in a related occupation required for competent performance of these tasks and duties.

Chocolate moulding operator is a Skill level 2 occupation.

Chocolate moulding operator career path

Similar occupations

These occupations, although different, require a lot of knowledge and skills similar to chocolate moulding operator.

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Long term prospects

These occupations require some skills and knowledge of chocolate moulding operator. They also require other skills and knowledge, but at a higher ISCO skill level, meaning these occupations are accessible from a position of chocolate moulding operator with a significant experience and/or extensive training.

malt house supervisor
animal feed supervisor
green coffee coordinator
green coffee buyer
distillery supervisor

Essential knowledge and skills

Essential knowledge

This knowledge should be acquired through learning to fulfill the role of chocolate moulding operator.

Essential skills and competences

These skills are necessary for the role of chocolate moulding operator.

  • Start up chocolate moulding line: Start up moulding line equipment, including chillers, air compressor, chocolate tanks, pumps and tempering units.
  • Ensure sanitation: Keep workspaces and equipment free from dirt, infection, and disease by removing waste, trash and providing for appropriate cleaning.
  • Temper chocolate: Heat and cool chocolate using marble slabs or machines in order to obtain the desired characteristics for different applications like shininess of the chocolate or the way it breaks.
  • Clean food and beverage machinery: Clean machinery used for food or beverage production processes. Prepare the appropriate solutions for cleaning. Prepare all parts and assure that they are clean enough to avoid deviation or errors in the production process.
  • Apply HACCP: Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  • Be at ease in unsafe environments: Be at ease in unsafe environments like being exposed to dust, rotating equipment, hot surfaces, sub-freezing and cold storage areas, noise, wet floors and moving lift equipment.
  • Work in conveyor belts in food manufacturing: Work in rotating conveyor belt systems in food manufacturing.
  • Adhere to organisational guidelines: Adhere to organisational or department specific standards and guidelines. Understand the motives of the organisation and the common agreements and act accordingly.
  • Mould chocolate: Mould chocolate to make chocolate pieces that are of a certain shape. Pour liquid chocolate into a mould and let it harden.
  • Apply requirements concerning manufacturing of food and beverages: Apply and follow national, international, and internal requirements quoted in standards, regulations and other specifications related with manufacturing of food and beverages.
  • Apply GMP: Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Monitor temperature in manufacturing process of food and beverages: Monitor and control required temperatures in the different phases of production until the product reaches suitable properties according to specifications.
  • Examine production samples: Examine production samples visually or manually to verify properties such as clarity, cleanliness, consistency, humidity and texture.
  • Match product moulds: Change moulds to match product specification. Run test samples and check for proper specifications.

Optional knowledge and skills

Optional knowledge

This knowledge is sometimes, but not always, required for the role of chocolate moulding operator. However, mastering this knowledge allows you to have more opportunities for career development.

  • Health, safety and hygiene legislation: The set of health, safety and hygiene standards and items of legislation applicable in a specific sector.
  • Process from cacao to chocolate: Process to transform cacao to chocolate where the seeds of the cacao tree are fermented to develop the flavour. Process from beginning to the end including the drying of the beans, cleaning and roasting, the grinding of the nibs to obtain cocoa mass and processing accordingly.
  • Types of chocolate: Types of chocolate such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate and raw chocolate.

Optional skills and competences

These skills and competences are sometimes, but not always, required for the role of chocolate moulding operator. However, mastering these skills and competences allows you to have more opportunities for career development.

  • Perform multiple tasks at the same time: Execute multiple tasks at the same time, being aware of key priorities.
  • Manage challenging work conditions during food processing operations: Handle stressful and challenging work conditions in a limited time frame to ensure qualitative food and beverage products are created in time.
  • Set up equipment for food production: Set up machinery and equipment for food production. Make sure that controls, settings, and input requirements are according to the required standards.
  • Act reliably: Proceed in a way that one can be relied on or depended on.
  • Show confidence: Demonstrate degrees of maturity by fully understanding one’s own qualities and abilities which can serve as sources of confidence in different situations.
  • Keep machines oiled for steady functioning: Oil or grease the parts of the machines and equipment that need to be lubricated. Follow safety procedures to do so.
  • Store goods: Arrange and store goods in areas outside of customers display.
  • Liaise with colleagues: Liaise with fellow colleagues to ensure common understanding on work related affairs and agree on the necessary compromises the parties might need to face. Negotiate compromises between parties as to ensure that work in general run efficiently towards the achievement of the objectives.
  • Have computer literacy: Utilise computers, IT equipment and modern day technology in an efficient way.
  • Liaise with managers: Liaise with managers of other departments ensuring effective service and communication, i.e. sales, planning, purchasing, trading, distribution and technical.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation in food production: Make sure to comply with environmental legislation in food production. Understand the legislation related to environmental matters in food manufacturing and apply it in practice.

ISCO group and title

8160 – Food and related products machine operators

  1. Chocolate moulding operator – ESCO
  2. Featured image: Photo by Egor Lyfar on Unsplash
Last updated on August 9, 2022

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