Dating service consultant


Dating service consultants provide support to clients in searching and finding a partner and setting up the date. They provide personalised advice to help clients meet their dating objectives. They also work in the virtual environment where they assist the online users in managing personal profiles, sending messages, and making connections.

Other titles

The following job titles also refer to dating service consultant:

marriage broker
matchmaking consultant
dating agency manager
dating agency consultant

Minimum qualifications

No formal educational credential is generally required to work as a dating service consultant.

ISCO skill level

ISCO skill level is defined as a function of the complexity and range of tasks and duties to be performed in an occupation. It is measured on a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 the lowest level and 4 the highest, by considering:

  • the nature of the work performed in an occupation in relation to the characteristic tasks and duties
  • the level of formal education required for competent performance of the tasks and duties involved and
  • the amount of informal on-the-job training and/or previous experience in a related occupation required for competent performance of these tasks and duties.

Dating service consultant is a Skill level 2 occupation.

Dating service consultant career path

Similar occupations

These occupations, although different, require a lot of knowledge and skills similar to dating service consultant.

fortune teller
personal stylist

Long term prospects

These occupations require some skills and knowledge of dating service consultant. They also require other skills and knowledge, but at a higher ISCO skill level, meaning these occupations are accessible from a position of dating service consultant with a significant experience and/or extensive training.

life coach
employment agent
wedding planner
body artist
passport officer

Essential knowledge and skills

Essential knowledge

This knowledge should be acquired through learning to fulfill the role of dating service consultant.

  • Sexology: The characteristics and evolution of human sexual activity, sexual orientation and the sexual relationship for various group types such as teenagers, elderly or disabled people.

Essential skills and competences

These skills are necessary for the role of dating service consultant.

  • Advise on dating: Give clients tips on how to approach someone and how to behave on dates, make suggestions on what to wear and which activities are popular or original to do on a date.
  • Maintain relationship with customers: Build a lasting and meaningful relationship with customers in order to ensure satisfaction and fidelity by providing accurate and friendly advice and support, by delivering quality products and services and by supplying after-sales information and service.
  • Give advice on personal matters: Advise people on love and marriage issues, business and job opportunities, health or other personal aspects.
  • Teach communication to clients: Provide clients with tips on how to communicate verbally and non-verbally and teach them the appropriate etiquette for different kinds of situations. Help clients attain more effective, clearer or more diplomatic communication skills.
  • Set up dates: Arrange dates for clients with people they have chosen themselves, people that were the result of match-making tests or people suggested by the consultant.
  • Use consulting techniques: Advise clients in different personal or professional matters.
  • Promote human rights: Promote and respect human rights and diversity in light of the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of autonomous individuals, taking into account their opinions, beliefs and values, and the international and national codes of ethics, as well as the ethical implications of healthcare provision, ensuring their right to privacy and honouring for the confidentiality of healthcare information.
  • Identify customer’s needs: Use appropriate questions and active listening in order to identify customer expectations, desires and requirements according to product and services.
  • Maintain customer service: Keep the highest possible customer service and make sure that the customer service is at all times performed in a professional way. Help customers or participants feel at ease and support special requirements.
  • Assess character: Assess how a certain person will react, verbally or physically, in a specific situation or to a specific happening.
  • Listen actively: Give attention to what other people say, patiently understand points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times; able to listen carefully the needs of customers, clients, passengers, service users or others, and provide solutions accordingly.
  • Match people: Compare profiles of clients to see whether they have similar interests or have characteristics that would be a good match. Select the best matches and get people into contact with each other.
  • Develop professional network: Reach out to and meet up with people in a professional context. Find common ground and use your contacts for mutual benefit. Keep track of the people in your personal professional network and stay up to date on their activities.
  • Profile people: Create a profile of someone, by outlining this person’s characteristics, personality, skills and motives, often by the use of information obtained from an interview or questionnaire.

Optional knowledge and skills

Optional knowledge

This knowledge is sometimes, but not always, required for the role of dating service consultant. However, mastering this knowledge allows you to have more opportunities for career development.

  • Psychology: The human behaviour and performance with individual differences in ability, personality, interests, learning, and motivation.

Optional skills and competences

These skills and competences are sometimes, but not always, required for the role of dating service consultant. However, mastering these skills and competences allows you to have more opportunities for career development.

  • Apply company policies: Apply the principles and rules that govern the activities and processes of an organisation.
  • Teach fashion to clients: Provide clients with tips on which clothes and accessories to match, and how patterns or designs on clothing and different garments can influence the clients appearance.
  • Perform lectures: Present lectures to various groups.
  • Manage a small-to-medium business: Manage the organisational, financial and day-to-day operation of a small-to-medium enterprise.
  • Use personality tests: Develop and use personality tests to get information from your clients about their character, interests and ambitions. Use these tests to create a profile of your clients.
  • Use different communication channels: Make use of various types of communication channels such as verbal, handwritten, digital and telephonic communication with the purpose of constructing and sharing ideas or information.
  • Interview people: Interview people in a range of different circumstances.
  • Manage tests: Develop, administer and evaluate a specific set of tests relevant to your activities or to the people who have to complete the tests.
  • Maintain professional administration: File and organise professional administration documents comprehensively, keep customer records, fill in forms or log books and prepare documents about company-related matter.
  • Organise training: Make the necessary preparations to conduct a training session. Provide equipment, supplies and exercise materials. Ensure the training runs smoothly.
  • Administer appointments: Accept, schedule and cancel appointments.
  • Keep personal administration: File and organise personal administration documents comprehensively.
  • Apply knowledge of human behaviour: Practice principles related to group behaviour, trends in society, and influence of societal dynamics.
  • Assist clients with special needs: Aid clients with special needs following relevant guidelines and special standards. Recognise their needs and accurately respond to them if needed.
  • Advise on online dating: Help clients to create an online profile on social media or dating sites, that represents a positive yet truthful image of them. Advise them on how to send messages and make connections.
  • Document interviews: Record, write, and capture answers and information collected during interviews for processing and analysis using shorthand or technical equipment.
  • Perform dating coaching: Help clients to become good at dating through discussion, role-playing or behaviour modelling.

ISCO group and title

5169 – Personal services workers not elsewhere classified

  1. Dating service consultant – ESCO
Last updated on November 11, 2022

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